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4 Eco-Friendly Facts About The Ford Fusion Hybrid   

Last week at The Green Living Show in Toronto, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada announced that the Ford Fusion Hybrid was the winner of the Canadian Green Car Award. If you want to chip in and help out the environment, here are 4 reasons why you might consider the Ford Fusion Hybrid as your next Eco-friendly car.

1. RANGE OF OPTIONS. In general, there are 5 different models to choose from: the gas version, two Eco boost engines which are turbo charged engines, the hybrid, and the hybrid plug-in

2. RECYCLABLE. When the car life of your Ford Fusion is over, the car itself is 85 to 90 percent recyclable. "They will be re-purposed or recycled," says Steve Ross, product marketing manager of sustainability & electrification for Ford, Canada.

3. THE HYBRID VINES. This is a feature on the Fusion Hybrid that lets you know if you are driving good and green or if you need to improve. "We are trying to help you and I become more fuel efficient drivers," says Ross. "People pay attention when the information is coming at them, so if the leaves you see when you get into the car are flying off the screen you are not doing so well but when you see them growing on the screen then you are in the green zone and you are doing well." These growing vines and leaves are shown on the screen on your dashboard.

4. MY FORD MOBILE APP. For the hybrid plug-in, this app can be very helpful. It's an electric monitoring system, and as long as you plug in your car when you get home, you can control when it needs to be charged or how powerful the charge can be from anywhere! You just type in your phone for your car to be fully charged by 6:00AM, and the app handles the rest.

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-15, 13:24:42

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