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Top 10 Best Moments of the Royal WeddingAfter such a spectacular celebration, it wasn't easy, but we managed to narrow down our favorite moments of the royal wedding. Herein, our royal recap.

Royal couple kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

1. The world's first peek at Kate's highly anticipated wedding gown as she got into the car on her way to Westminster Abbey and, of course, the ultimate reveal upon her arrival.

2. Pippa's maid-of-honour dress: Finally, a bridesmaid's dress that isn't completely hideous!

3. We love the idea that (former) commoner Kate may have done her own makeup for the big day. Talk about a relatable royal!

4. Prince William's regal red attire. Damn, can those royals rock a uniform or what?

5. Prince Harry whispering, "Wait until you see her," to Prince William as they awaited Kate at the altar (at 5:13).

6. Victoria Beckham's beautiful maternity dress--and sky-high Louboutins!

7. Everyone's favorite vivacious verger, unable to contain his excitement, cartwheeling down the Abbey aisle post-ceremony. Can you blame him?

8. When Kate exclaimed "Oh, wow!" upon seeing the massive crowd gathered in front of Buckingham Palace.

9. Prince William and Kate's (second) balcony kiss…and Willy's subsequent boyish blush (at 2:21).

10. The royal couple's surprise "JU5T WED" departure from Buckingham Palace following the Queen's reception in an Aston Martin convertible playfully tricked out by Prince Harry.

What were your favorite royal wedding moments? Share your memories below.