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Will And Kate Leading Royal Revival In Canada

With Will and Kate about to take Canada like rock stars, a new Ipsos Reid poll reveals that two-thirds of Canadians agree that the couple will "keep the monarchy relevant" in this country.

Also, 52 percent of Canadians now disagree that when Queen Elizabeth II's reign ends, "Canada should end its formal ties to the British monarchy" -- a drop of 10 points from where it stood a year ago before the Queen visited.

"We now have a majority who say, 'Let's keep them around,'" says Sean Simpson from Ipsos Reid. "And you have to attribute it to (Will and Kate) because nothing else has changed. I think Canadians are seeing the future of the monarchy and they like what they see enough to keep it around."

Buckingham Palace hopes that the tour will "create a younger generation of royal watchers," but either way, the general consensus seems to be that the monarchy is definitely in good hands with Will and Kate.


--2 For Couples Editor-in-Chief, Neil Morton (follow him on Twitter @neilmorton)

Posted by Neil Morton
2011-06-29, 11:30:15