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A Magical Hug From Kate & A Christmas Miracle

This is one of the feel good stories of the year. Call it the magic of Kate. Call it a little girl's courageous fight. Call it a miracle. Call it all of the above.

But it's amazing.

When Will and Kate were on their tour of Canada this summer, during their final stop on the tour in Calgary, a 6-year-old cancer patient named Diamond Marshall -- who lost her own mother Memory to cancer 4 years ago -- was chosen to hand flowers to Kate.

Little Diamond was so excited to meet Kate that July day that she flung her arms around the Princess in a spontaneous moment -- and their amazing hug (see picture above) was captured by the world's press.

Well, now some fantastic news regarding Diamond. In what her father Lyall calls a "Christmas miracle", the Edmonton Sun reports the little angel battling a rare type of adrenal cancer is cancer free. 

The shocking news comes after Diamond had surgery this week to remove numerous tumours, and subsequent biopsies showed no evidence of cancer at this time.

Will and Kate have already received word about the miracle news, and the family received this reply on behalf of them from a spokesperson at Buckingham Palace:

"I passed the news to Their Royal Highnesses, who asked me to convey how pleased they are to hear the news and their best wishes to Diamond and her family at this happy time."

Diamond still has a major battle on her hands: She has to have a bone-marrow transplant and chemo sessions to keep the cancer in remission.

But she is getting amazing support from her dad, step-mom Danielle and other well-wishers.

We wish Diamond and her family all the best in 2011. 

As for Kate? Well she continues to inspire

[UPDATE: Here's video below from when Diamond met Kate!]



Posted by Neil Morton
2011-12-21, 11:16:37

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