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Q: My wife wants to do a cleanse and insists that I join her. But I think these are for wusses. Help!  More
Q: Hailey, what’s the deal with female ejaculation? Is it for real? If so, what’s the liquid, and where does it come from? More
Q: Where is the safest seat on a plane? More
Q: My foodie friends keep talking about braising meat. What is it exactly? More
Q: How much do we need for a down payment on a home? More
Q: My fiancé finally purchased the flat screen of his dreams, but the only spot that it fits is above the fireplace, and I’m afraid that our cozy living room is a thing of the past. What can we do to make it work? More
Q: Why do Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc taste so different? More
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