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Q: I want to redecorate my home, but my husband has no opinion on anything--from paint colours to lamps and furniture. How do I get him involved? More
Q: Hailey, my fiancé insists he doesn’t have any sexual fantasies that he’d like to act out, but I don’t buy that. Should I believe him? More
Q: What’s this I hear about babymoons?  More
Q: What are some fun and easy holiday apps/hors d’s? More
Q: All our monthly income goes toward expenses. How can we ever afford a vacation?  More
Q: We dug up the scruffy bushes along one side of our yard and now all we can see is our ugly chain-link fence, which we can’t afford to replace. The cedars we budgeted for will be small and take years to grow above the fence. Any tips in the meantime? More
Q: I'm bored with my beer. Any ideas?  More
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