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"Single Bridezillas": No Ring? No Problem!

Who says a marriage proposal is a prerequisite for wedding planning?!

According to the February issue of Marie Claire, there's an emerging breed of "single bridezillas" who have planned every detail of their big day before they're even engaged.  

As seen in a recent Good Morning America segment, these groom-less gals have chosen their bridal gowns, floral arrangements and even honeymoon destinations.

Kat Ricther, a 26-year-old "single bridezilla" from Philadelphia, has been collecting wedding day inspiration for years and has two gowns hanging in her closet: The dress from her grandmother's wedding in the 1940s and a $12 thrift store sheath dress.

While it might seem crazy to some people (especially men!), there is something to be said for planning ahead. Sara Bush, 23, has chosen everything from her invitations to her bridesmaids dresses, so when her boyfriend for 2 years finally pops the question, she'll be ready to get married a month later!

Browse through the wedding section of Pinterest, an online inspiration board, and you'll find endless wedding ideas, from glittering diamond rings to gorgeous table settings. With posts from users with names such as "Fantasy Wedding," "Someday," "(Imaginary) Wedding Ideas" and "It doesn't hurt to be a couple steps ahead?" we sense that the "single bridezilla" is indeed a growing trend

Click here to see the Good Morning America clip! 


Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-01-25, 10:59:32

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