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WATCH: Fun Houston Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Just when we were starting to suffer from flash mob withdrawal, this gem of a proposal popped up on our radar.

It took Archit nine months to plan this surprise proposal for his flash-mob-loving girlfriend, Amy.

But he couldn't do it alone. He hired a choreographer and enlisted friends and family members to help him be a part of the proposal. 

These types of videos have a certain predictability to them, but we love this one in particular because there's a post-proposal interview with the happy couple, their friends and relatives and the choreographer who helped Archit pull off the whole thing.

Oh, and be sure to jump ahead to the 5:28 mark to see outtakes of Amy's parents practicing the routine at home. Too cute! 

Check out the proposal for yourself...


Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-09-14, 14:43:49

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