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Royal Couple 'Made for Each Other'

Duchess and Duke of Cambridge kiss on Buckingham Palace balcony.

The private photographer who was able to capture some of the newlywed royals' most intimate moments said the couple were "buzzing with happiness" and "made for each other". Millie Pilkington, a friend of the Middleton family, whose name has been kept under wraps until now, took informal photos of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their wedding reception. She said the speeches were "absolutely hysterical" and the evening was like a "wonderful, intimate family affair".

Speaking at Clarence House the day after the royal wedding, she said: "They were drawn to each other magnetically throughout the day. "Their love for each other was so evident. Everyone could see it. They just looked like they had been made for each other.

"They were buzzing with happiness and seemed to be having the best day of their lives, as indeed we all were." Mrs Pilkington, 39, who lives near Sherborne in Dorset, said Kate was the "epitome of calm" on the day. She described the bond between the couple throughout the day as "unique", adding: "They just love each other so much."