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Q: With Christmas just around the corner, we are excited to decorate the front of our house but want to keep it stylish. What’s in?
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Jonathan Adler Goes to the Bathroom

When you think Jonathan Adler, you think… toilet paper?? Well, maybe not. But that didn’t stop the iconic potter-cum-design powerhouse from collaborating with tp giant Cottonelle on their latest campaign. "Respect the Roll" aims to bring a little panache to the powder room by dressing up an item you likely use (we hope!) several times a day.

Adler designed a single-roll canister in three distinctive prints so you can attractively store a spare. "Why not make your toilet paper as adorable as everything else in your house," ponders the potter. He's certainly achieved adorability with the plastic roll holders in some of his most graphic and colourful prints.

When asked about the inspiration behind the bold accessories, Adler reminds us of those kitschy-slash-hideous crochet poodle covers that everyone's grandma seemed to have back in the day. "They just made me laugh," he quips. "There was just such a secret shame about toilet paper."

A shame that he and Cottonelle aim to extinguish! "It’s about making life’s realities just a little more decorative," he adds. To get your own Jonathan Adler-designed roll covers, look for the free offer code on specially marked packs of Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper (plus $2.25 shipping and handling per cover). Or purchase one at RespectTheRoll.com.


Posted by Kellie Davenport
2012-01-20, 2012-01-20

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