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2's entertaining party tips and tricks videos
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Open Kitchen In need of some culinary inspiration? 2’s here to help you find your inner chef with a hands-on dinner party that’s truly made to order.

It’s a fact of entertaining: No matter how hard you try to avoid it, guests will inevitably congregate in the kitchen. And who can blame them? That’s where all the excitement happens. So why not embrace it? Invite your guests behind the scenes and turn the food and its preparation into the evening’s entertainment.

The Menu
Starters: Antipasti; Baked stuffed figs with goat cheese and pine nuts
First course: Chilled watercress and spinach soup
Main course: Roast chicken with baby vegetables
Choice of dessert: Melon and berry salad or Baked plums with crushed amaretti

With a kitchen gathering, the menu is key. Multiple courses are a must, but that’s no reason to panic. Sate guests with some store-bought antipasti upon arrival so that there’s no pressure to get the first course plated. As for the rest of the menu, choose dishes that can be partially prepared beforehand and finished easily in your guests’ company. That said, don’t sacrifice taste for simplicity’s sake. A straightforward app such as Gordon Ramsay’s baked stuffed figs with goat cheese and pine nuts is a cinch to make but still packs a ton of flavour. Simple recipes will also allow your guests to take part in the cooking. With their help, you can focus on some of the finer details, such as presentation. To really make dinner pop, serve up each course on oversized white plates for that restaurant look.

Tea Bar
Put down the orange pekoe and think outside the bag. There’s a rainbow of teas out there just waiting to be explored. Let your guests navigate their own path with a loose-leaf tea bar after dinner. From a spicy masala chai from India to an earthy Japanese matcha, there’s no telling where the evening will take you. Serve leaves loose on a platter so that guests can experience each tea’s colour and texture before making their selection.

Space Savers
Specialty cookware doesn’t have to require specialty storage. Gordon Ramsay by Royal Doulton serves up professional-quality tools for real-life cooks—even those with space-challenged kitchens. The seven-item oven to tableware modular set fits neatly together inside its rectangular roaster, while stackable saucepans make it easy to tuck all 11 pieces of the Everyday Chef stainless steel cookware set away in a single drawer.

Cook Like a Pro
As any great chef will tell you, the best meals start with the best ingredients. But it takes more than a trip to the farmers’ market to guarantee success; you need to have the right tools for the job.

Gordon Ramsay by Royal Doulton cookware, bakeware, dinnerware and glassware boast restaurant-quality dur-ability and versatility. And they’re as stylish as they are practical—perfect for an open-kitchen party. The line’s tri-ply stainless steel pots and pans all feature heavy-gauge aluminum cores, which ensure even, rapid heat distribution—on the stove or in the oven—and give the cookware its sturdy, superior look and feel.

Dinner guests will be just as impressed with the design of the porcelain oven to tableware, which mirrors that of Ramsay’s exquisite fine bone china for a seamless transition from bakeware to serveware. At the table, both collections’ elegant simplicity allows the food to be the focus. And with pro tools like these, there’s no doubt your culinary creations will earn some oohs and aahs of their own.