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Ed and Jenny Names: Ed, 31, and Jenny, 29
Hometown: Mizzelton, Ont.
Together since: 2009
"Ed's dad owns a popular waterslide attraction called Eau de Cousteau, so sometimes Ed does a favour and fills in when his dad needs help. On this particular day...

...the shark mascot (Jowls, Predator of the Deeps) called in sick, so Ed ended up putting on this ridiculous costume and spending his Saturday at the top of the Number 6 slide. I (Jenny) was there with my twin nieces. We giggled when we saw Jowls because his fin was lopsided and you could totally see a large portion of Ed's lower face past the felt shark teeth. My nieces went down the slide first no problem. Then I went, and I guess I wasn't using the proper technique because I slowed down then completely stopped on a flat portion in the middle of the slide. I freaked. I frantically tried to push with my hands and feet but all that did was relieve my butt of some skin. Then I heard a sloshing noise from above. At first it was kind of scary seeing a shark come at me, full throttle on a waterslide. But Jowls knew what he was doing: He straddled my waist from behind and together we landed with a massive splash in the pool below. I was saved by a flimsy shark! The costume looked terrible when it was wet. Then Jowls peeled off the head portion, and there was this handsome guy called Ed smiling at me. He asked if I wanted to get a Slush Puppy (free for him, of course). I really like Slush Puppies. We've been dating ever since."

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