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Project Priceless: A Free Wedding Experiment

Photo Credit: Adam Pap

Brian Bass, 24, and Jordan Kent, 29, a twenty-something couple from Ottawa, Canada are experimenting with the seemingly impossible: to spend no more than $10 on any one item for their wedding, minus Jordan's dress, and to freecycle as many wedding items as possible, reaching out through social networking and community giving to get as much as possible donated or for barter only, sans purchase.

We caught up with them in between their wheeling and dealing, and here's what they had to say about their once in a lifetime project.

2: What made you start such a creative project?

Brian and Jordan: We started this project because we knew we were miles away from being able to pull off a wedding for 200 people; we both have large, close families!  It started off as a bit of a joke, everyone was going to have to bring their own chair and food, but it grew into an idea. We were members of various freecycling groups on the internet, and we figured there must be newlyweds out there who had items they didn't need anymore. We decided to run an experiment in social networking and community giving. We started our blog, word spread, and before we knew it, we had offers from people from all walks of life! It wasn't long before we heard from a small business, Pink Pug Ink in New Jersey offering to create something for the wedding. We expanded on the idea, inviting small and big businesses to get involved and we talk about it on our blog.  We thought we'd just gather some used decorations and have a wedding in a small hall, but now we have a pretty amazing wedding in the works. The whole concept grew way faster and bigger than we ever expected.

2: Have family and friends been supportive?

Brian and Jordan: Yes, of course! And coolest of all, this project has expanded our social circle. We've made some really incredible friends and connections while bringing this wedding together.

2: How successful has it been thus far?

Brian and Jordan: We've been very successful, with over 27,000 hits on our blog, and over 140 offers for our wedding. We are down to brass tacks and just have a short list of items we still need to gather. We've managed to stick to our rule not to spend more than 10 dollars on any one item, with the exception of the dress, which was something we always said would likely be the exception, because it had to be just right. We've received offers from venues to shoes, favours to DJ's. Our wedding planner is Splendid Events, and our venue is Stanley Farms. We also received two hand folded paper cranes from a woman named Helen who wanted to wish us luck, and another newlywed couple named Kris and Michael gave us the tablecloths they'd used at their own wedding.

2: Do you think the concept of a sponsored wedding will catch on?

Brian and Jordan: We don't really identify ourselves as a company-sponsored wedding. Our initial intention wasn't to include businesses at all, but so many sweet start-ups, local and global, businesses wrote to us, so we just ran with it. To honor all the kindly donations, loans, and trades we've done with people of all walks of life, we simply identify our wedding as an experiment in social media and community giving. We're really happy that there's an underlying vibe of eco-stewardship as well, with as much upcycling as possible going on. Will our concept catch on? It's possible. The couple would have to be incredibly flexible, be willing to change their vision repeatedly, and put a minimum of forty hours a week into communication, media, and organizing, but in the end, we wouldn't want any other wedding, because every single detail of our day is there because someone loved us, wished us well, or had something to share, and that's pretty priceless.

2: When is the blessed day?
Brian and Jordan: Our wedding date is August 22nd, 2011, and we've been working on this for 7 1/2 months.

2: Best of luck on the big day, and congratulations on one of the most originally planned weddings we've seen. Enjoy!

Want to help? Visit Brian and Jordan's wish list!

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Posted by Milena Canizares

2011-06-16, 08:47:23