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Q: My wife is six months pregnant and I’m sooo impatient for delivery day. She’s exhausted, always complaining about backaches, has no interest in sex and has put on a lot of weight. Aren’t I just the most selfish thing you’ve ever heard of?
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WATCH: Toddler Says "F*ck It" Instead Of "Fire Pit" To Parents

Devin and Erica, a couple who live in Charlotte, North Carolina, have a fire pit in their backyard.

As they explain in the backstory to this YouTube video below, when their "daughter plays outside, she frequently feeds the fire (un-lit) with sticks and pine cones. She used to say 'helping' while she was doing it, but recently started saying that she is 'feeding the fire pit.'"

Except that's not what it sounds like when it comes out of her mouth over and over again. Her pronunciation isn't quite there yet.

Watch for yourself...



Posted by Neil Morton
2012-04-11, 11:15:32

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