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WATCH: The Most Gorgeous Proposal Video You'll Ever See

This gorgeous video gives us chills!

We love those raw-footage proposal videos that are captured on someone's camera-phone--a little unsteady, a little out of focus--but you can't deny the magic of this proposal video, captured by professional filmmaker, Adrian Pereyra.

This stunning video is a feast for your senses. Breathtaking cinematography. Stylish lovebirds. A sweet soundtrack. And a heart-melting surprise proposal.

When Adrian asked his friends Faith and Justin to appear in a demo that he wanted to shoot, Justin decided he it was the perfect time to propose to Faith. He had already gotten permission from Faith's father, after all.

Faith showed up for the shoot and had no idea that the filming would end with a proposal, or that Justin had arranged to have 50 of their friends and family to be there to celebrate with them after he popped the question. What a romantic guy!

You have to check out this truly romantic proposal for yourselves!

Click here for more description from Adrian. 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-10-04, 10:35:03

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