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Bedroom TricksIf your bedroom routine is getting monotonous, it may be time to venture into virgin territory, so to speak. “Sex games help you explore new ground,” says Marshall Miller, co-author with Dorian Solot of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide. Try these flirty games.

Illustration of couple in silhouette.

Guess the Spot
Game plan: Mentally pick a spot on your body (nothing is off limits) and get your partner to guess using your “hotter” and “colder” cues. Use your finger to navigate or get creative with a feather tickler. To turn this into a game, start out clothed and remove one garment every time your partner guesses the magic spot. The first one in their birthday suit loses (and wins). Sexy hint: Play blindfolded to heighten your sense of touch. Double bonus: “Use your lips or mouth to find the spot,” suggests Solot.

Would You Rather?
Game plan: Not to be confused with the popular board game, in the bedroom version all you need is your imagination. Pose “Would you rather?” questions to your partner and let them choose which action to perform. You can keep this one relatively tame (Would you rather kiss my lips or my chest?) or push the limits (Would you rather strip down to your skivvies or perform oral sex?) depending on your mood. Sexy hint: Videotape your escapades for added exhibitionist excitement. Double bonus: Watch it together and relive the experience.

Bedroom Bingo
Game plan: Both of you write down 10 to 15 fantasies, positions and/or actions on slips of paper (for example, nurse/doctor fantasy, reverse cowgirl, deep tongue kissing). Then put them in a hat and act out the one you pick. Sexy hint: Include props and sex toys for variety. Double bonus: “Do this for an entire week, pulling out one paper each day,” suggests Miller.

Crazy Kisses
Game plan: Remember Crazy Eights? In a nutshell, after dealing seven cards each, the remaining cards are placed face down (this is the draw pile) and the top card is flipped up and placed beside. Each player must then play either a suit card (spade on spade) or a rank card (ace on ace). If you can’t play, you must draw until you can. All eights are wild and can be played on any card. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins. But to add spice to the game, every time your opponent plays an eight, you have to kiss them in eight different places. Plus, a queen not only means the other person misses a turn, but they also have to grant you one wish. Anything you desire. Sexy hint: Play in sexy lingerie and silky boxers. Double bonus: To add a naughty component, if your opponent plays a two, you get spanked twice. Top it with a two, and you get to return the favour with four butt smacks (and so on).

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