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Q: My partner and I are taking our first extended vacation together--a two-week trip overseas. He's been planning every second of the trip. I just want to explore and discover things. I'm worried this is going to cause a huge fight. Help! More
Q: I’ve been sexually active for ten years and with my hubby for five of those years. I’ve never had an orgasm. Any tips? More
Q: What’s the difference between a charter flight and a regular one?  More
Q: I make a traditional lasagna with béchamel and meat sauce, but I’d like to try something a little different. Any tips? More
Q: We’re thinking about getting a dog but we’re worried about the costs involved. Any financial tips? More
Q: We want to spruce up our laundry room/second bathroom. We noticed some of the paint flakes off—and it doesn't look like there is any primer underneath. Can we still paint? Or scrape and prime first? More
Q: Can I bring icewine to a dinner party?  More
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