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Q: Should we be using a special cleanser to wash our sex toys? Or will plain old dish soap do the trick?
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4. Bedroom Tricks
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Sex Links & Resources
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1 K-Y Intimacy Experiment
Get intimate, Canada! The K-Y Intimacy Experiment features a fantastic web TV series, which follows three real couples as they each work with sexpert Teesha Morgan to get their groove back. Plus, you'll also find great interactive content on how to reconnect with your honey, including deliciously playful assignments you can try at home.
2 Come as You Are
What every neighbourhood sex shop should aspire to.
3 Ducky Doolittle
Sexologist Ducky Doolittle's fantastic site. Don't miss Ask Ducky; if you're lucky, she might just respond to your question with a video!
4 Erocktavision
Hot, women-friendly lesbian erotic films.
5 Eros Zine
Online magazine tackling everything from erotic fiction to reader "sexfessions".
6 G-Spot Center
The one-stop resource for all your G spot needs, brought to you by the folks at Babeland.
7 Jimmyjane
Design-lovers will swoon over Jimmyjane's treasure chest of sleek, sexy toys and naughty accessories.
8 Random Honest Porn Review
Politically minded sex guru Susie Bright brings porn reviews to the people with her interactive blog.
9 Retro Raunch
The premiere vintage erotica website.
10 Sex Information and Education Council of Canada
Very interesting site on the science and study of sex.