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Q: I’m pregnant and not always in the mood for sex, so how do I get my horndog husband to back off? Also, when I am in the mood, what’s the best position for sex during pregnancy?
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1 Baby Abroad
Travelling with Junior? Check out this blog loaded with tips for jet-setting parents.
2 CanadianParents.com
Blogs, podcasts and message boards—plus check out the ever-evolving "Top 5s" section.
3 Daddy Types
Because being a new daddy is not just a walk in the park with the baby stroller. And yes, the blog is written by a real-live dad!
4 Mimi Smartypants
Because parenting should bring tears of laughter tooónot just exhaustion/sorrow/oh-my-God-the-in-laws-are-coming-over panic attacks. A must-read blog.
5 Parent Hacks
Intriguing, Wiki-style tips for parents. Products only get a nod when they deserve it.
6 People's Celebrity Baby Blog
People.com's celebrity-baby portal, where you can find out which A-list superstar is giving birth next.
7 SavvyMom.ca
Canadian-focused articles that offer quick hits of parenting advice.
8 Sweetmama.ca
Keeping new and expecting yummy mummies posted on all the latest gear and services for baby and co.
9 The Yummy Mummy Club
Yummy Mummy Erica Ehm shares tips and invites ideas from site visitors on how to navigate the ìrollercoaster ride of modern mummydom.î Look for articles on parenting and kids, but also stories about sex, travel, working and more.