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1. Picking the Perfect Pet
2. Your First Look At Will & Kate's Puppy!
3. It's Me or the Cat!
4. 8 Things You’ll Do Because of the Dog
5. What’s the Best Breed for You?
6. Watch: A Totally Bizarre 1956 Dog Wedding
7. PICTURES: A Recent History Of Pets In Royal Family!
8. Dog Care: Then and Now
9. My Cat is a Dick
10. SNAPSHOT: Kate & Her Cocker Spaniel Out For Walk & Training
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WATCH: Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Will Melt Your Heart

In this heartwarming compilation video below, you will see why dogs aren't just a man's best friend but also a soldier's best friend.

From wagging tails to cries of happiness to huge wet kisses and big hugs, this is the amazing 'Welcome Home!' soldiers receive from their furry friends. 

Watch for yourself...


Posted by Neil Morton
2013-06-25, 10:55:56

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