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1. Picking the Perfect Pet
2. Your First Look At Will & Kate's Puppy!
3. It's Me or the Cat!
4. 8 Things You’ll Do Because of the Dog
5. What’s the Best Breed for You?
6. Watch: A Totally Bizarre 1956 Dog Wedding
7. PICTURES: A Recent History Of Pets In Royal Family!
8. Dog Care: Then and Now
9. My Cat is a Dick
10. SNAPSHOT: Kate & Her Cocker Spaniel Out For Walk & Training
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What’s the Best Breed for You? Psychologist Stanley Coren, author of The Intelligence of Dogs and Why We Love the Dogs We Do and host of the Life Network’s Good Dog, suggests breeds that might best suit your lifestyle.

Photograph of woman holding her dog in her lap.

For couch-potato couples… Lazier toy breeds, like the Maltese

For playful/energetic couples… Golden retrievers

For couples allergic to dander… Dogs with hair, like poodles

For couples who like independent dogs… Terriers

For couples who want dogs they can shower with attention… Toy dogs, like Pomeranians, or sporting dogs, like spaniels

For couples looking for kid-friendly dogs… Retrievers, spaniels or toy dogs

For couples with cottages… Newfoundlands

For outdoorsy couples… Greyhounds

For couples looking for cat-friendly dogs… Spaniels and retrievers

For couples living in apartments… Toy dogs, like the Pekingese