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1. Picking the Perfect Pet
2. Your First Look At Will & Kate's Puppy!
3. It's Me or the Cat!
4. 8 Things You’ll Do Because of the Dog
5. What’s the Best Breed for You?
6. Watch: A Totally Bizarre 1956 Dog Wedding
7. PICTURES: A Recent History Of Pets In Royal Family!
8. Dog Care: Then and Now
9. My Cat is a Dick
10. SNAPSHOT: Kate & Her Cocker Spaniel Out For Walk & Training
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Dog Care: Then and Now Pampering pooches used to be a celebrity and dog-show thing. But at a time when one in four Canadian households have a dog, and 83 percent of people call themselves their pet’s mom or dad, dogs all around are reaping the benefits. A “dog’s life” sure ain’t what it used to be.

Illustration of German shepherd.


Illustration of chihuahua.