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Date Your MateIf Brad and Angelina can make time for date nights, so can you!

Illustration of a couple riding on a swordfish.

Date 1: Try Something New
Take your relationship to new heights and try something that neither of you has ever done before. This could be a gut-splitting round of karaoke at a dingy local bar or a dance lesson (men: this one is worth huge brownie points) followed by a night of getting your groove on at a club or dance hall. “This type of date is sure to create new memories that you can laugh about for years after and will deepen your connection as a couple,” says Kateryna Spiwak.

Date 2: Adrenalin Rush
Get your heart pumping like it was right before your first kiss with an exciting evening activity. Rollerblading through downtown at dusk can be the best bonding time you’ll share all week—and it will have you both laughing hysterically as you try to maintain balance. Thrill-seekers can conquer an amusement park roller coaster together.

Date 3: Friendly Competition
Challenge your mate to a duel—but be sure to shake hands when the match is over. A bit of playful competition will help keep things fresh and interesting. On a rainy night, take to glow-in-the-dark disco bowling and impress your mate with your sleek form and ability to sing “I Will Survive” while bowling a strike! Or move the competition to a mini-putt course. Bring your camera along to capture the memories or to create some ridiculous photos to post on Facebook.

Date 4: Taste Test
A typical date night may involve going to your fave neighbourhood restaurant and ordering one of the few standards you always turn to out of habit. Our expert’s advice is to try something totally different when it comes to enjoying food together. “Even grocery shopping can be a fun activity when shared by a couple,” says Spiwak. So instead of going out, why not treat yourselves to a romantic candlelit dinner for two in your backyard or on your patio or balcony. Make cooking dinner part of your date. Exploring new flavours will help you get to know each other better and allow you to develop new and shared interests.

Date 5: Starry Night
If the only way to forget about work is to leave the city, perhaps an overnight camping trip will do the trick. After all, there’s nothing a night of S’mores and singsongs can’t fix. “Setting up a tent can be a fantastic team building exercise,” says Spiwak. Camping gets you out of your element and allows you to distance yourself from worries and concerns. Bring your favourite bottle of wine and roast hot dogs on the fire.

Date 6: Show and Tell
Part of being in a healthy partnership is having independent interests and hobbies, says Spiwak. “Outside passions provide you with something new to bring back to the relationship.” Set aside time to experience your partner’s idea of fun and make a date out of it. Take on a scrapbooking project, have a Guitar Hero jam session or indulge in a wine and cheese pairing. For just one night, suspend all judgment and let your partner share his or her world with you.

Date 7: Celebrate Good Times
“Take the time to celebrate all occasions, big and small,” recommends Spiwak. “A promotion at work, an anniversary or even the completion of a project is excuse enough.” What better reason to celebrate than hot, sunny days and long, warm nights? Surprise your mate with a celebratory bottle of champagne, a pair of tickets to the theatre or a limo ride around town. Get dressed to the nines and strut your stuff like you’re Posh and Becks for the evening.

Date 8: Zen Dating
Kick off your shoes and relax—this date night won’t require you to leave the couch. Sometimes a romantic evening at home is all you need to reconnect as a couple, suggests Spiwak. Rent a comedy (they say a good laugh is a true cure for stress!), put on some soft music, light candles, put away your cells and BlackBerries, take turns giving each other massages and totally unwind.