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Men Say: Women, Stop Wearing Pants!

Ladies, your man secretly hates your turtlenecks. And spare a thought for his ears -- that "noisy jewellery" of yours is offending his delicate fashion sensibilities.

In article titled "Ten Things He Hates About You", Australian fashion columnist Paula Joye trots out that old "Mars vs Venus" chestnut, beloved of women's magazines everywhere -- a highly scientific survey of men's pet peeves when it comes to women's fashion. She consulted such arbiters of good taste as racetrack bookies, blokes at a bachelor party... and her electrician.

If you are in a 90's girl-band, the news isn't good. Apparently the laddies surveyed don't like their ladies in tube-tops, leopard print and platform boots. Footwear is actually a bit of a minefield, as they're also not fans of the gladiator sandal, toe cleavage or "happy shoes" (clown shoes? those shoes that light up when you walk?).

But what these men mostly have a hate-on for are pants -- pretty much any incarnation of fabric with distinct division for two legs really. Capris, harem pants, high waisted jeans, dungarees -- even the line-blurring skort -- all major faux pas, dahlings.

They also really hate it when you wear their stuff. But feel free to borrow their cologne -- eau-de-insecurity is the scent of the season.


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-28, 10:08:38

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