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A Couple's Guide To Saying I'm Sorry

It can be hard for some people to admit they have done wrong -- especially when it comes to apologizing to their partner. I realize that I am the kind of person who wrongly perceives humility as being weak or timid, but lately I have found myself thinking about how effective saying "I'm sorry" really is.

Dr. Aaron Lazare, psychiatrist and author of book On Apology identifies seven ingredients that comprise an apology. The right combination of recognition, remorse, responsibility, repentance, reasons, reparations and reform are the recipe for an authentic apology.

And once myself and all of the other stubborn folk out there admit our faults, the effectiveness of that apology all boils down to whether it was sincere or not.

When an apology is sincere, you gain a person's respect and admiration by taking responsibility and calling yourself out on your actions.

A study at the University of Denver found that couples who argue will be more satisfied in their relationship than couples who retreat at the first sign of trouble, but the key to having healthy conflicts is the apology. Forget the excuses -- find a way to fix the issue and try to express your true feelings when apologizing.

It is amazing how two little words have the power to destroy or mend a strained relationship. Without sincerity, those words mean next to nothing..

Posted by Aimee O'Connor
2013-03-26, 15:40:30

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