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Q: Over the last year or so, my wife and I have been having sex a lot less frequently. These days, we’re only doing it once every three weeks or so. Is that normal? Should I be worried?

Haliey says...
According to the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, 59 percent of Canadians have sex every week. But before those feelings of inadequacy get the better of you, here are three good reasons why you shouldn’t worry: 1) If there is one place people will exaggerate, it’s on a sex survey, so don’t put too much stock in such findings. 2) Every couple’s sex life goes through ebbs and flows of frequency. 3) If you’re both satisfied, it doesn’t matter how often you do it. All that matters is that the two of you are happy.

Hailey Dai is a young woman living in a committed relationship. She quite enjoys sex. Click here to send her your questions.