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Q: I'm not in the mood for sex these days. My fiancée thinks I'm not attracted to her, but I am just not into it at all right now. Help!

Hailey says...
Stress, diet, schedule, mental health, hormone levels and physical health can all have an impact on our general randiness. And sometimes we're hot and horny, and sometimes we just want to sit and cuddle. It's supremely difficult on a partner, however, if all they are hearing is "no" with no explanation. Try to explain to her what you think may be going on, and make sure she feels loved and sexy, even if you're not game for rolling around in bed. If this is really unusual for you, talk to a doctor about it. It's likely just an ebb-and-flow thing that can happen to all couples, but if it's sudden and dramatic, you should investigate it.

Hailey Dai is a young woman living in a committed relationship. She quite enjoys sex. Click here to send her your questions.