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Bids For Slice Of Royal Wedding Cake Reach Nearly 1,500 pounds

Bidding on a slice of Will and Kate's wedding cake began at £100 and has nearly reached a staggering £1,500. 

The slice of fruitcake, believed to be among the 650 slices that were served to guests during the Buckingham Palace reception that followed last April's Royal wedding, is the first ever slice of royal wedding cake available at auction. 




The cake, which PFC Auctions obtained from an anonymous seller, comes in a decorative tin and includes a card from Prince Charles and Camilla with a list of the vows, hymns, prayers and blessings that were included in Will and Kate's ceremony.   

The highest bid to date is for £1,453, but potential buyers have until May 24 to place their bids, and the auction house predicts that a flood of last-minute bids will drive the price of the slice upwards of £2,000

"This is a lovely piece of Royal memorabilia, and rarely seen on the market as these items are often only gifted to close friends and family who attend the the weddings" said a spokesman from PFC Auctions. 

Seems like a whole lotta dough to spend on a cake that you can't even sample


Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-05-10, 10:57:43

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