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Can You Afford The Wedding Of Your Dreams?

Getting married isn't expensive, but weddings sure as heck can be.

Before you go full-steam ahead planning your version of Will and Kate's fairytale nuptials, take a peek at the results from a recently published "Couples and Money" study by TD Ameritrade.

While they may be sobering, these stats can help you effectively plan for your big day, and perhaps realign your Dom Perignon dreams with your Baby Duck budget.

What Is The Average Cost A Wedding? 45% of couples ages 18 to 34 spent $10,000 to $30,000 on their wedding. 10% of couples in that same age group spent more than $50K.

Translation: These things are freakin' expensive!

Who's Payin'? 28% of couples ages 18 to 34 paid for all of their wedding costs and 41% of couples in the same age group shared the cost with their parents. Only 12% of couples of all ages expecting to get married said their parents will fund their nuptials.

Translation: Unless you're among the silverspooned 12 percent, you better start saving your pennies.

How Long Do We Have to Save For? 60% of married couples saved for 1 to 12 months before their wedding and 9% of married couples saved for more than two years.  

Translation: Cancel your HBO subscription and tell your friends you can't join them for expensive dinners for 1 to 12 months (or maybe longer). 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-05-18, 14:42:39

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