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LOOK: Hilarious "We're More In Love Than You Are" Tumblr

We're obviously huge suckers for luminous engagement photos of couples who are practically glowing they're so in love with each other. We are, after all, a wedding blog!

But that doesn't stop us from also loving this hilarious "We're More In Love Than You Are" Tumblr blog, which features photos of couples and witty captions that poke fun at their intense love for each other. Some of the photos are cheesier than others (as exemplified by the tractor pic below), but the captions are never short of awesome. 

These are two of our favorites, but more lovebirds and laughs awaits if you hop on over to their blog










Warning: Photos may trigger an intense urge to grab your sweetie and a professional photographer so that you can prove that you are, in fact, more in love than the couples on the blog! 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-05-30, 10:54:03

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