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Cookware That Moves You

We gotta admit, he's one of our heroes. Not only is he cute, funny, and a helluva cook, Jamie Oliver is championing "real" food and good nutrition with his "Food Revolution."

It's hard to argue against the benefits of cooking fresh food at home. So is it time for you to have a food revolution of your own?

Could be that the timing is perfect for you. It's way more fun cooking for two (or more!) than just for yourself. And with wedding guests lining up to fulfill your wishes, you could find yourself equipped with all the kitchen gear you need to start and maintain your healthy eating habits.

First item on the wish list? Cookware that moves you: Jamie Oliver Professional Series by T-fal. Ditch your old mismatched pots and pans and register at The Bay for a beautiful set by J.O. With 11 pieces in either Stainless Steel and Copper or Anodized Aluminum, you'll have a great foundation for all your cooking adventures. Be sure to add some fry pans -- featuring T-fal's famous Thermo-Spot® technology that lets you know when the pan is perfectly preheated.

As Jamie Oliver himself would tell you, good cooking doesn't have to be complicated. With the right tools and a good attitude, you'll soon be a food revolutionary too.


Posted by Karen Hall
2012-11-10, 09:00:00

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