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Reduce Your Oil Consumption

No, we're not talking hybrid cars or home insulation (although those are good ideas, too!). We're talking french fries -- and other things you would like to fry but for fear of the fat!

With new eating habits come new kitchen conveniences, and among the best is the T-fal Actifry. This ingenious appliance combines the best features of  deep frying and stir frying to produce delicious, crispy french fries. A stirring paddle distributes a minimal amount of oil (only one tablespoon for 1 kg of fries) as the food cooks in the pan inside the appliance. The machine does such a good job that it has won awards and been endorsed by the Canadian Diabetes Association as an aid in healthy eating.

Rest assured, it's no one-trick pony. As well as guilt-free french fries, it makes yummy chicken wings, stir-fried veggies and meats, and even desserts. The included recipe book will show you how versatile it is; a little web-surfing will yield even more ideas and recipes. Check out T-fal's Nutritious and Delicious website for info, recipes, and more.

The Actifry even cleans up easily. What's not to like? Add one to your registry at The Bay.

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-06-13, 16:47:18

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