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Are These Wedding Gowns TOO Sexy For The Altar?

While most brides opt for gowns that are more pretty than promiscuous, it doesn't hurt to add a dash of sex appeal to your wedding day style. But are these racy Pnina Tornai dresses too scandalous for the altar?

Wearing a wedding gown with a bustier is already sexy, since it accentuates your waist and gives the girls a, well, boost. But a bustier with sheer cut-outs? Down to your hipbones? Call us old fashioned, but we're not sure your wedding is an appropriate occasion to show-off those six pack abs, no matter how proud of them you may be. 

While the dress below doesn't expose as much torso as the ones above, it has the one-two punch of a see-through corset and revealing decolletage. The top looks like something you would slip into before consummating your marriage, not something that you'd walk down the aisle in, smiling awkwardly as you witness Granny get an eyeful of bosom. To each bride her own, though, and, besides, a woman who can pull off this showstopping gown is likely unfazed about showing a little cleavage.

So what do you think? Are these gowns too sexy?

Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-07-10, 11:20:44

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