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Keurig's Excellent Coffee Adventure

Keurig coffee maker with a cup of coffee and selection of K-Cup podsWhy brew a whole pot of coffee when you drink it one cup at a time?

The folks at Keurig mulled over that simple question back in the '90s until they came up with the revolutionary idea of the single-serving pod coffeemaker, which allows you to brew just one cup, just the way you like it. The idea really caught on, as you have probably noticed lately. But Keurig, with its sleek brewers and K-Cups pods, is by far still the leading brand in North America.

Keurig puts premium-quality Arabica beans and ingredients into each K-Cup, so you know you are treating yourself with the best. There's a K-Cup for everyone: coffees of all kinds (mild, bold, flavored, organic, etc.), teas, cocoa… even flavors to brew over ice. The website lists almost a hundred varieties -- what an excellent selection! And if you prefer, instead of disposable K-Cups, you can use your favorite ground coffee in the My K-Cup reusable filter -- an excellent idea!

That's what "Keurig" means in Dutch: excellence.

Add a Keurig brewer -- and a supply of K-Cups! -- to your registry at The Bay.

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-12-27, 09:00:00

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