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How To Create A Stellar Sweet Table

Sweet tables take the cake when it comes to our latest wedding obsession!

Izabela Chmielewska and Stephanie Brown are the dream team behind Toronto's Sweet Table--a company that specializes in creative, oh-so-adorable dessert tables. We sat down with table designer Izabela (Stephanie designs and bakes the treats) for tips on how to create a stellar dessert table.  

Sweet Tables 101

Sweet tables are "a personalized version of a dessert table with everything you could possibly imagine on it," says Izabela. Unlike the frozen desserts on a generic, banquet hall dessert table, all of the treats on a sweet table are handmade especially for you. What's not to love?

Sweet tables are completely customizable and offer yet another way to add that memorable, personal touch to your special day. "No two tables are alike," says Izabela. Oh, and your guests will love it, too! The treats "always disappear within 20 minutes!"

Choosing a Theme 

Once you've made the wise decision to have a sweet table at your wedding, you need to choose a theme. Will your table be design-focused or do you want your treats to be flavor-focused? A theme can be anything from your wedding colors to your favorite super hero! Hit up a fabric store and find a pattern that you love, or scope out Pinterest for inspiration. Izabela and Stephanie are super-creative and talented when it comes to building adorable tables that work with your unique theme.

Make it Personal

If you're film fanatics, Izabela suggests having sugar cookies in the shape of movie tickets or Academy Award-shaped chocolates that have the bride and groom's name on them. Total Trekkies? Rather than having an all-out Star Trek wedding, use it as the theme for your sweet table. This way, you can have a sophisticated, parent-approved celebration and incorporate an element of quirk.

Must-Have Treats

It seems that vintage-inspired everything is the hottest trend in wedding decor, and there's no exception when it comes to desserts. Izabela says they get lots of requests for home-style treats like pies, tarts and cobblers and retro candy, such as spiral lollipops, rock candy, bubble gum, ribbon candy and vintage candy bars. 

Other trendy treats include decorated sugar cookies, edible lace on cookies and cakes, layer cakes, ombre desserts, pavlovas, cake pops, macarons and homemade marshmallows. (Are you drooling yet?!) Couples are also loving the idea of having stations or buffets where guests can build their own ice cream sundaes, waffles or crepes. 

Thought cupcakes were making their exit as the "it" dessert item? Think again. Izabela says they're still wildly popular. "They're easy to eat, you don't need a plate or a fork; you just kind of grab one and go," she says. "That's why people love them."

Are you having a sweet table at your wedding? 

Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-10-19, 12:06:09

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