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Couple Plots Fake Kidnapping To Pay For Wedding

Weddings are expensive -- and it looks like balancing the budget drove one South African couple downright crazy.

Like "claim you were kidnapped to get ransom money" kind of crazy. 

It all started when the groom realized he didn't have the money to pay his bride's "lobolo", a traditional Zulu dowry paid to his in-laws. 

And rather than post-pone the wedding (the caterers were booked, ok?), he and his fiance staged their own "kidnapping" to raise the US $3600 neccesary.

It all went a bit haywire when the police got involved -- this bridal Bonnie-and-Clyde team were arrested, and charged with wasting people's time, among other things.

Guess we know where they'll be spending their honeymoon...

[via IOL.CO.ZA]

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-06, 10:00:18

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