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More Couples Choosing To Elope

Eloping isn't just for star-crossed lovers anymore.

In fact, according to an Australian newspaper, elopements are "a growth industry."

One officiant interviewed claimed to have conducted "four or five in November alone." 

These days, it seems eloping is less about sneaking off than shrugging off -- the stress, the expectation and the expense of a traditional wedding

"One couple spent $20,000 instead on an overseas trip, while eloping couples need the money to raise their existing family," a local wedding planner told the Age

And seems Britons are on a similar wave-length -- only ten percent would use their savings towards a wedding, a new survey reveals. And get this -- 13 percent would ask their guests for "a monetary contribution towards the cost of the wedding."

We're assuming those couples also charge extra for participating in the garter / bouquet toss. Can't give that good fortune away for free, now can they?


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-12, 09:51:09

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