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Angry Mob Gathering To Protest Unpopular Bride's Wedding

One or two gatecrashers are annoying. But 1,000 uninvited guests -- and angry ones, at that -- sounds like a wedding day disaster.

This is the nightmare scenario one Hong Kong bride is facing, all as the result of a Facebook post. 

The woman vented in a status earlier this month: “I’m not opening a charity….If you really only want to give me a HK$500 [US$65] cash gift, then don’t bother coming to my wedding,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

In Chinese culture, packets of money are customary gifts at weddings -- but the bride's brattish comments did not sit well with cyberspace.

Within hours, she had incurred the wrath of a social media swarm -- and there's now an event organized to protest outside the hotel where her wedding is taking place. As of Tuesday, over 1,000 people had clicked "attending."

We hope they'll at least have the good manners to bring a gift.

[via WSJ.COM]

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-14, 10:18:39

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