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Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring After 34 Years

So this guy loses his wedding ring -- then he finds it. Before you call the banal-story-police, hear this -- it took him 34 years to do it!

Back in 1978, a North Carolina man was working in his veggie garden when he noticed his left hand was missing something very important. He looked everywhere, but could not find his wedding ring anywhere. He gave it up as a goner, and bought a new, not-quite-so-special ring. 

Wayne and Billie Phillips still live in the same house, and have tended that same vegetable patch consistently through the years. So imagine Wayne's surprise when he recently came upon something metallic while raking. It was his long-lost wedding ring!

The couple told a local news outlet that finding the ring was like striking inspirational gold:

"If you believe in something long enough and hard enough, it can happen," said Wayne Phillips. "There's proof."

Some more proof in the power of persistence? The couple will be celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary this year. 

[via WECT.COM]

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-15, 10:16:57

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