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Bride Recycles Her Way To (Nearly) Free Wedding

One discarded glass Snapple bottle at a time, a California bride has managed to pay for her wedding entirely through the power of recycling

The bride, Mariana Flick, has been obsessively collecting cans and bottles since August, and redeeming them at recycling centers. The few cents each recyclable generated added up -- for instance, it took 6400 aluminum cans to pay for her dream dress. 

What she hasn't found in the trash, Flick has improvised by recycling in other ways -- mayonnaise jars for flowers, for instance, and borrowing her veil from a friend. 

She's got her something old, her something borrowed -- maybe a Pepsi can could be her something blue?


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-20, 10:12:16

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