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Study Shows Marriage Key To Long Life

All you cynics hush now -- science has officially proved what romantics have known all along: if you want a happy, long life, all you need is love.

A study 74 years in the making has found that the key to living well lies in relationships, in particular marriage. Scientists followed over 250 Harvard grads from the class of 1944 over the course of their lives. They found that of the 31 lifetime bachelors, only 4 were still alive. In contrast, over a third of the married men were still kicking into their 90's. Having a ring on your finger trumped social class, economic status and even having other strong relationships, according to the study.

This research also offers incentive to keep the love alive -- apparently the marriage-factor is most important after 70, and works just as well for those who re-married after losing a spouse. See, you're never too old for a fairytale!

And fear not -- the study also has some advice for singletons. If you can't find the love of your life, consider a canine companion -- apparently a puppy is ALMOST as good as a spouse. It probably won't ask you to buy it an engagement ring either.


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-21, 10:08:29

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