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WATCH: Hilarious Hidden Camera Footage

A British couple placed a hidden camera at their wedding reception, to capture any moments they might have missed -- and boy, was their stealth surveillance rewarded when the captured a truly "special" moment!

There's so much unscripted goodness in the video below -- the out-of-sync lyric-mouthing, the dance moves to make Travolta swoon, and mostly the fact that she's dancing in a room all by herself.

We know the identity of that vision-in-red, romancing the camera with such gleeful abandon -- Claudia Chilvers, the bride's sister. Her back-up dancer in the hoodie remains a mystery. 

The best part? Her tremendously dignified (if slightly wobbly) exit. We love you too, Claudia.

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-21, 13:22:05

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