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LOOK: Vintage Bridal Chic...Turkey Style

Vintage glamour is huge at the moment -- but this may be one retro look brides won't want to channel!

In celebration of American Turkey Day (aka Thanksgiving) check out the wedding album of Barbara Orr Erhart -- who paired a classic 1940's pin-up style with a little gobble-gobble.

To describe her as a "turkey enthusiast" is an understatement. For her 1948 nuptials, documented by Life magazine, it was all turkey, all the time. The ceremony was held at Far West Turkey Show, where the bride paraded down the aisle in a self-made creation crafted from 37,500 turkey plumes. And because birds of a feather must flock together, her bridesmaids were clad in dyed pink, yellow, blue and green avian fluff.

But what to do with all those naked turkeys, plucked of all their feathers? Well...let's just say no prizes for guessing what was on the wedding banquet menu. 

It sure looks like they had a (butter)ball! 

[via TIME.COM]

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-22, 10:22:59

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