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Man Gets Married...Over The Phone!

Just in case you were wondering -- it is legal to get married over the phone! 

A court in the U.S. found a man to have legally been married to a woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo, even though he wasn't even in the country at the time. Back in 1993 (pre-Skype days, y'all), the man had teleconferenced into the wedding, with his cousin acting as his physical place holder during the ceremony (we're unsure who actually kissed the bride.)

Things didn't end well (the whole being on different continents thing maybe?), and now the couple are divorcing. The man attempted to claim they were never married in the first place, but a Maryland court has upheld the marriage, since state law says marriages can be conducted by proxy. 

Along with alimony, child support etcetera, the man should be saving up for that phone bill -- calling the Congo ain't cheap!


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-11-29, 10:48:49

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