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The Wackiest Weddings Of 2012

Along with ombre desserts and using mason jars for just about everything, you can include "getting hitched in offbeat locales" as a wedding trend for 2012.

From the daredevil duo who had the world's first jet pack wedding, to the Belgian couple who had a virtual Las Vegas wedding, this year's brides and grooms craved more than a boring old church or backyard ceremony. Why not get married in a cemetery (there really aren't enough wedding crashers of the "walking dead" ilk), or say "I do" during a zombie walk?

Bridal Guide has compiled 10 of the craziest venues where people got hitched in 2012. If you're an adventurous couple considering a Trekkie convention wedding or gas station nuptials, you're bound to find loads of inspiration from your fellow extreme wedding enthusiasts!

Although they didn't make Bridal Guide's list, we think the nine couples who said "I do" in the nude on a beach in Jamaica on Valentine's Day deserve a shout-out.

And it doesn't look like the trend will stay in 2012. Denny's, your reliable supplier of all-day breakfast, recently announced that their new Las Vegas location will include a wedding chapel. Looks like weddings in 2013 will include a side of maple syrup and sausage links! 


Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-12-18, 13:43:27

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