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WATCH: Super 8 Wedding Film Magic By NazFilms

You will always remember your wedding day. The moment you married your best friend. The faces of friends and family gathered in one love-filled room. The way your cheeks hurt from all that smiling.

Photographs of the event will help keep your memories fresh, but what about those moments that the camera didn't catch, the sweet, subtle glances that happened in-between frames?

"Unlike photography, cinematography has the unique ability to add sound, sights and connecting moments," says Toronto-based filmmaker Nazar Melconian. Owner of NazFilms (and the dreamiest Instagram feed we've ever seen), Naz captures his clients' special day in Super 8mm film, and his artistic wedding videos give us the happy chills. 

We caught up with Naz to discuss the importance of wedding cinematography and the particular magic of Super 8 film. 

2: Why would you recommend that a couple hire a wedding cinematographer? 

Nazar Melconian: Cinematography allows for nuances and details of people and things to be recorded forever. If done right, it can capture and elevate a moment to a feeling.   

2: How would describe your films? 

NM: My films are best described as feelings and visual memories. My couples book me because they like the warm tones of my films, and the style in which I capture and edit their memories. I film life events close to how we remember significant moments with friends and family: vignettes flicker across the mind's eye, and you remember how it felt to experience that moment. 


2: Why do you choose to work with Super 8 film? 

NM: It's the perfect medium for life events. It's warm, vintage and has character, and, aesthetically, it's as close to how we remember our moments.

2: Why do your clients love your films?

NM: Couples hire me because I can capture and tell a film that is under 30 minutes and leave them in happy tears. I pride myself on the ability to capture feelings and compose a film that is all about how and why a couple is in love with one another.

2: What do you offer that's different from a traditional wedding videographer?

NM: I offer a unique point of view. Most cinematographers make out their couples as movie stars or epic characters in an epic film. My films are smaller, yet larger in heart. They are romantic, chic and contemporary. My couples experience goosebumps, shed many tears and smile as they watch their films. 

2: What do you love most about capturing a couple's special day?

NM: Both the bride and groom getting ready; the anticipation and energy of seeing each other at the ceremony; the rings and vows exchanged. Those are my favorite moments. The portraits afterwards can be super-sweet, as the couple is finally together!

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Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-01-07, 14:42:33

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